India’s freedom movements beckoning for support

Freedom is a basic human right. Yet, in the 21st Century, we have places on God’s Earth where people are striving, suffering and dying for the attainment of this fundamental right. A lot of the world’s miseries—poverty, violence, illiteracy etc—are born of conflict. Day in and day out, we see and hear about the miseries heaped upon the unfortunate denizens in conflict zones around the world.

Of the myriad conflicts and freedom movements around the world, the highest number, nineteen across the country’s geographical domain, are found in India.

All these separatist movements are a fight against the same force, the “superior Brahmin” ideology that has been running an apartheid against the minorities since 1947 and which the Hindutva dispensation that runs the country under Narendra Modi over the last six years has turned more direct, more brazen, more poisonous, more stifling and more violent.

The all-pervading Hindutva is a diabolical concept responsible for the systematic genocide of minorities in India. The political ideology of Hindutva is the soul of this system, which was carefully kept under wraps and employed subtly by successive Congress regimes because of its nature which is based on racial supremacy of the higher caste. But with the rise of a more assertive and violent Hindutva, it’s being used as a badge of honour in India. The more you curse and terrorise the minorities, the more your chances of growth are, whether you’re a politician, bureaucrat, policeman or a soldier. Allegiance to Hindutva is the golden key to rise and find success in today’s India. It’s a mirror image of the pre-WW-II Nazi Germany.

Ultra-Hindu nationalists are now openly working towards building a ‘Hindu rashtra’—a Hindu India where minorities, Muslims in particular, are treated as second class citizens subservient to the collective will of the Hindus.

The growing resistance to this racial supremacy of higher caste Hindus being enforced by the Hindutva establishment in India is pumping more oxygen into these movements, some of which were dormant till recent times and are now again raring to go and beckoning for support and backup, wherever it comes from.

These freedom movements are mainly seen in J and K, North East, the massive Red Corridor which is the geographical landscape of naxalite and various leftist movements spread across a number of states, Punjab, Southern states in India and West Bengal.

Out of these nineteen prominent movements, Jammu and Kashmir is being supported by Pakistan, Khalistan by the Sikh Diaspora and seven sister states in the North East of India forming the ‘chicken neck’ of the geographical frontiers of the Hindutva establishment’s regime have their top tier leadership living in the bordering province of China as per the claims of the Indian media. It is no secret as to what kind of relationships India enjoys with China, Pakistan or the Sikh Diaspora.

The rising tide of violent and forceful Hindutva ultra-nationalism is only fuelling these movements.

The so-called Idea of India that the Congress kept using as a successful facade to hold on to power while subtly doing what the BJP is doing now, is falling apart. Minorities, fearing for their lives, are realising what a huge farce was played upon them in the form of the ‘Idea of India’ when they were given to believe that India was a truly secular country and all its citizens were equal. Now this hate mongering Hindutva dispensation that runs India has given that away and come out in the open. This boldness is largely born of myths and bravado promoted in the RSS nurseries called shakhas through decades. These myths include an imaginary glorious past which they believe can be resurrected with India becoming the supreme power. All this in this day and age of tech revolution!

Those in the minority who wish to live a peaceful and successful life in India have to play alongside Hindutva establishment or else face the wrath of public lynching, mob violence and the draconian laws leading to systematic genocide which has been noted in India repeatedly against Muslims and Sikhs in particular.

is violent highhandedness is adding fuel to the fire as the agitations are gaining ground and strength by the day.

Some of the separatist/freedom movements have blown into insurgencies.

Support coming from China and Pakistan to some of these movements shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially in view of the fact that India has established a terror enterprise across the region, targeting Sino-Pak interests besides claiming lives in Afghanistan and Pakistan. India’s collaboration with ISIS hasn’t spared even Sikhs. On March 25 last year, 25 Sikh devotees were massacred when ISIS gunmen attacked a Kabul gurdwara. All the indicators pointed towards India, including the ISIS statement on why the attack was carried out. In a similar attack on May 25 last year, a maternity ward in Kabul was attacked which led to another massacre. These are the same India-backed forces that carried out the gruesome Army Public School massacre in Peshawar that left 149 dead, including 132 children. Shockingly, while this warm romance between India and ISIS is getting more intense, the US chooses to look the other way.

With a violent scenario like that created in the region by India, which stands alienated with almost every neighbouring country, China and Pakistan are left with very little or no options other than paying India back in the same currency, keeping it mired in similar situations inside India so that its violent regional policies are countered. India’s regional policy that employs terror as a key tool in an attempt to achieve its objectives might, in essence, be only speeding up the process of the balkanisation of India which looks inevitable, even if it takes some time, because of the fragile and massive fault lines that are beckoning to be tapped. All the separatist/freedom movements running across India have a full potential to achieve their objective. Support from China and Pakistan would be always welcome and going by how Hindutva India is behaving, promoting these movements seems to be an unavoidable option.

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