What I Speak?

Fascism is a global issue. It is seen by many as a solution to the ever increasing global population and depleting resources in the world. The one, who’s heart is in the right place believes that, there is enough in the world for everyone to share. Then there are those, who thinks that assessments of wealth and resources is the way forward. The latter generally joins the kleptocracy ruling over the down and underlings fighting to survive the hardships of life, essentially in the third world countries or as an illegal immigrants in the developed word. Economic migrants in the western world are no different. The greatest divide in this world is not between countries, colours or caste, but it is between haves and have-nots. The top one percent irrespective of their nationalities, race or religion, work together in one way or the other to subjugate the remaining ninety nine percent human population. Not all of those ninety nine percent are poor masses but some works as the sheriffs of the top one percent. They work to enforce the writ of the top ones. There are those few, who get lucky in breaking the chains and set themselves free, but with certain limitations off-course, which is the cost of freedom, they are willing to pay. The Sheriffs mimic the lives of the top ones while controlling the rest below. Then there are those who choose to revolt against the system, after getting to know the ugly insights. The world we live in is designed by the top ones and their Sheriffs to search and destroy those who revolt. But it doesn’t stop these revolutionaries because they are the ‘dreamers.’ They dream of a fair world, equal justice and human rights for all. Ironically, the countries having the semblance of these values, the revolutionaries seek choose to support the Sheriffs in the countries where human rights is just another fancy word to get aid and funding from the international bodies. These Sheriffs are so deeply integrated in the system of the developed world that they know how to manipulate these systems for their respective benefits. They form the Kleptocracy, which is currently ruling the countries like Pakistan.

This website is an effort to support the ‘dreamers.’ It is aimed at providing a platform for freelance journalists to have their say, uncensored. It will feature, raw reports, unfiltered and unbiased. We are aiming to bypass the red tape and speak the untold stories, which remain hidden behind the closed doors. Stories for which our brothers and sisters have given up their lives.

Come join us in this journey to support the dreamers. Let’s work in unison in helping to make a global community based on universal respect for the human rights and democracy. Lets become the soldiers who speak, only the truth and nothing but the truth. Let us support www.soldierspeaks.org

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