Haq Such Baat with Haider Mehdi

Haq Sach Baat Haider Mehdi kay saath

Raja and Haider Mehdi. This talk show series is not just a conversation; it’s a relentless pursuit of truth and a fierce defense of democratic values. Adil Raja, known for his outspoken stance, and Haider Mehdi, an assertive commentator, together form a lethal combination against the shadows of puppet democracy.

In every episode, witness the dynamic synergy between Adil Raja and Haider Mehdi as they dissect complex political landscapes, challenge narratives, and expose the hidden truths that often evade the public eye. This collaboration is more than just talk; it’s a potent force challenging the very essence of authoritarianism in the garb of democracy.

All the talk shows featured on this platform bring to light issues that matter — issues that conventional media often shies away from. Adil Raja and Haider Mehdi dismantle barriers, break chains of silence, and dive deep into discussions that resonate with the heartbeat of the nation. Each episode is a declaration of their commitment to a transparent, accountable, and democratic society.

23 Jan, 2023

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06 Jan, 2023

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