I Wish that I Could Wake up God

I wish that I could wake up God as his slumber deep he sleeps, and show to him what they have done and how they’ve made his Gaza bleed.

How they shot her family first, and then alone when little Hind, was yards away from rescuers, and she was first, then they were shot.

How Al Shifa was rounded up then every patient tied and killed, and nurses too and bodies burnt were left for dogs to desecrate.

How trucks of food for starving came, how the famished ran to them, and were mown in hundreds down in what they said was self defense!

I wish he’d seen the limbs of kids unbenumbed being sawn off, and mothers stilled and babies dead, their umbilicals uncut still.
How families were entire killed then ploughed by dozers into earth, and films of celebrations made in wake of sated lust for blood.

How the world’s most civilized have kept the killers well supplied with the bombs of every stripe then tears crocodile copious cried.

I wish that God could only see the hypocrite the brute embrace to further crush the weakest side who on a God awake relied.

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