12 thoughts on how to SAVE Pakistan!

  1. Give back people their mandate so their Representative government administers the country.
  2. Immediate replacement of top functionaries in military, law enforcement, intelligence, Civilian bureaucracy. Probably about 300 to 400 positions.
  3. Create a High ranking Special Judicial commission with terms of reference to investigate violations of law and constitution since April 2022, apportion responsibility and with the provision to then be converted into a trial court with powers to try and punish people under Article 6 and other criminal and civil provisions.
  4. An Open trial, live telecast of proceedings of key accused members of the military, paramilitary, law enforcement, intelligence services, judiciary, bureaucracy, politicians, election officials, Federal and Provincial cabinet members and any other functionaries guilty of such crimes.
  5. Members of above, who turn State Approvers against the main and key perpetrators of crimes against humanity, the violators of law and constitution, their aiders and abettors, could be granted pardon from Capital punishment
  6. In parallel a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be set up, for those guilty of crimes, to come forward and publicly admit their crimes in front of people against whom they acted or their family members and if forgiven by them to be dealt with less severely.
  7. However those guilty of Murder, assassinations and torture would not be part of this forgiveness.
  8. Immediate military reforms to bring them under civilian judicial oversight which can be done without constitutional amendments. Limit powers of Military Chiefs of all services and bring ISI under legal and governance oversight.
  9. A military reforms commission to be set up to assess Pakistan’s security objectives and determine afresh what kind of military deterrence Pakistan needs. Size, shape, form, structure, people, processes, equipment, resources, training, culture. The military reforms must be initiated within 180 days
  10. The future status of all commercial activities and assets owned directly or indirectly by the military will be determined by a Special Commission tasked with this objective.
  11. Constitutional amendments on administrative, judicial, civil service, police reforms.
  12. Referendum to re write the constitution, Presidential form of government, more provinces.

If not, then be prepared for chaos, anarchy, violence, civil war in which there will be no winners!

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