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Latest Updates:

After the latest ban on Adil Raja by Google. He will livestream on: His exclusive private vlogs will be regularly available on Patreon. Please subscribe and support Adil Raja.

Major (R) Adil Raja will not be silenced. In the event of any disruptions on YouTube, he will immediately resume his live broadcasts on various alternative platforms including Twitter, Twitch, Rumble, Odysee, Facebook, and TikTok.

TikTok Channel:

Switch to Major (R) Adil Raja’s New TikTok Account! Adil has launched a fresh TikTok handle: @adil.raja.soldier4, Don’t miss out! Like, subscribe, and share for exclusive content!

Adil Raja Cleared of Allegations:

ABV Solicitors’ press release confirms Mr. Adil Raja’s exoneration from allegations linking him to disturbances in Pakistan. After an 8-month investigation, no further action will be taken against Mr. Raja. Emphasizing peaceful protest, Mr. Raja now focuses on amplifying ordinary Pakistanis’ voices.

Latest Talk Shows: Court Martial by Haider Mehdi

Latest Talk Shows: Straight Talk Among Soldiers

SoldierSpeaks Odyssey: Navigating Challenges, Shaping Discourse

In more than 1.5-year odyssey, Adil Raja’s YouTube channel, SoldierSpeaks, faced bans but persisted, hosting countless solo and collaborative shows with diverse speakers. Popular collections emerged, enriched by perspectives from retired army officers and journalists. Live streams migrated to “Haqeeqi News Network,” met by an unfortunate ban. Efforts are underway to compile and chronologically showcase this diverse journey on our website, offering a condensed yet comprehensive view of SoldierSpeaks’ evolution. Stay tuned for insights and discussions that have defined this remarkable platform.

Introducing "Patriot's Pulse"- Have Your Say with Adil Raja!

Are you a true patriot with a passion for Pakistan’s future? Do you have a unique perspective on its socio-political dynamics? 

Patriot’s Pulse is the platform you’ve been waiting for! Step into the limelight and share your insights, opinions, and solutions directly with Adil Raja. It’s YOUR chance to be a part of the conversation that matters most.

Join the Movement! Be the change you want to see. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, dive into critical issues, and ignite the spark of change. Your voice matters, and “Patriot’s Pulse” is your arena to shine.

Express Yourself – Don’t just watch, PARTICIPATE! We’re opening the floor to YOU – the passionate Pakistanis who shape the destiny of this nation.

Investing in Impact – Meaningful dialogue deserves recognition. To sustain this platform and content quality, a nominal participation fee for “Patriot’s Pulse” guest speakers is introduced.

Championing Change – Your contribution goes beyond just a fee; it’s an investment in the future of Pakistan. We want to create a platform that not only amplifies your voice but also sustains itself for long-term impact.

Coming Soon – Stay tuned for the launch of “Patriot’s Pulse.” Your opportunity to make an impact is just around the corner.

Polls at my Twitter

Explore additional polls that I have conducted over time on my Twitter feed, each drawing votes from hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis. This speaks volumes about public engagement and the genuine thoughts of the people!

FAQs By My Followers

For further questions/quries, please email me at:

I have a serious threat to my life from the Pakistani deep state and certain political actors, which do not like looking in the mirror I present to them. Arshad Shareef Shaheed was assassinated for the same reason. The police in the UK is actively protecting me, and require me not to attend pre-planned public gatherings or political commitments due to the serious nature of the threat to my life.

I was forced to leave Pakistan, for the safety of my life and more importantly to speak the truth, which is not possible in Pakistan. There is no freedom of speech in Pakistan and no matter what or who you are, living in Pakistan, you must make a compromise for your own or your loved one’s safety.

Definitely not. My mother is being held hostage in Pakistan after being abducted by the intelligence agencies during an effort to legally leave Pakistan. Her safety is a constant concern for me, but I am fighting against this kind of fascism not only for my mother, but for the mothers of all Pakistanis.

I took voluntary retirement from the Pakistan Army as a Major with full honours, awards and earned benefits including pension in 2017 after 20 years 8 months and 24 days of exemplary military service. For more details, watch my vlog. (mein kon hoon?)

I will Insha’Allah return to a free Pakistan where democracy and freedom reigns supreme instead of fascism and law of the jungle.

Affiliated Institutions

you can see and hear Adil Raja daily on Patreon for his private vlogs and on Haider Mehdi’s YouTube channel for daily public livestream and recordings

You can watch Adil Raja’s exclusive shows and the popular series “Straight Talk Among Soldiers” on YouTube channel Azad Shaheen TV.

Major (R) Adil Raja will not be silenced. In the event of any disruptions on YouTube, he will immediately resume his live broadcasts on various alternative platforms including Twitter, Twitch, Rumble, Odysee, Facebook, and TikTok.

Adil Raja Exclusive shows “Haq aur Such ki Baat”

Haq Such Baat Haider Mehdi kay Saath (Collection coming soon)

All episodes of Jirga with Jalil here on our website.