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Standing Against Injustice

As a retired Army officer, I stood against illegal regime changes and corrupt practices within my parent institution. This led to harassment and forced exile from Pakistan.

Exposing Corruption

In the UK, I began exposing the corruption and illegal activities of those in power, aiming to prevent the collapse of Pakistan. My efforts have shed light on nefarious plans and traitors within the system.

Upholding Freedom of Speech

Despite facing severe consequences, including the removal of my assets and closure of my YouTube channel, I continue to fight for freedom of speech in Pakistan. My legal battle against a serving ISI officer is a landmark case.

Your Support Matters

I rely on the support of fellow patriotic Pakistanis to win this legal fight against fascism. By contributing, you help me continue my fight for justice and create more accessible platforms for truth-seekers.

How You Can Help

You can support my cause by contributing to my legal fund and creative work on my Patreon page. Your support enables me to fight against injustice and resume my efforts to expose reality on accessible platforms.

Let’s stand together for a better, more transparent Pakistan. Thank you for your support.

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